Painting In Post Below-My Dad’s Athiest

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As I stated in a former post I was raised in a household that didn’t recognize God. As  a small child, I remember my mother praying with me before bedtime. However, that stopped when we moved to Texas.

His version of The last Supper-He Said lamb Not Ham-I can appreciate the humor. He placed his animals in the painting.

It was very difficult to be raised in a home in the 70’s where God was looked at like a dirty word. It didn’t help my “fitting” in with my peers at all. And, kept me ignorant of an important subject.

But, I remember in high school-the private school that saved my life-my science teacher told me that she knew I had God in my heart. Hearing that stayed with me and made me feel very good.


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My dad painted this on his barn ceiling when he was well. It’s beautiful. But, he’s atheist. In our home,when I was growing up,  the words church and God were treated, by my father as “bad” words. I could get away with cursing. But, speak of God? I’d be an “idiot”.

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