No. Just wanted to share more of my father’s work. Notice the gray haired bearded man? That’s my father. He hates attention, but loved to put himself in his paintings. Like the very artists he is emulating.

Both my father and my brother are gifted artists. But, they have worked very hard at their craft. They would never go to therapy. I know my dad thinks it’s a bunch of bull shit. I’m a talker. I guess that’s why I don’t need to express my feelings by painting. I like therapy. But, it costs so damn much. So, maybe more posts will do me some good. And, I will eventually go to therapy once every 2 weeks. There was a time when I was told I didn’t need to come-I was the hypo-manic patient they failed to recognize. Years later  EVIL depression paid me a long visit. Back to therapy and pdoc.