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I need to change the lil title up top. My new pdoc confirmed my suspicions-I have BP II. My depression lasts too long, so no big surprise. No cyclothymia anymore. No hypomania anymore-miss it!

Now, random-

Damn, I’ve had 3 pap smears in the last 9 months and they all have shown precancerous cells. I’m so lucky. Not only is my brain unique but my reproductive organs are unique . Yep, got me 2 vaginas and 2 cervix !  Both aren’t displaying happy cells. I’ve had several biopsies/they have shown non-cancerous dysplasia. I have to go back in 3 months for 2 more pap smears. It’s like I’m a ticking time bomb. When will the dysplasia turn into cancer? But, the good news is I’ve got it early. I have to keep up with the pap tests.

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